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Dell product supply

We provide initial identification of customer needs, preparation of customized solution configuration, quotation for delivery, implementation of the solution and also subsequent after-sales service.

Our strengths are constant communication with the customer and the many years of experience of dspot team members in the IT and ICT field.

Detailed description of the service

  • 1

    Consultation of customer needs

  • 2

    Design of technical solution

  • 3

    Lending the offered products for testing

  • 4

    Quotation and subsequent consultation at the customer’s site

  • 5

    Ordering goods at Dell factory

  • 6

    Information on delivery dates

  • 7

    Delivery of goods to a specified address

  • 8


  • 9

    Handover of the order

  • 10

    Invoicing according to customer needs

After-sales and client service

  • Multi-level user support – HELPDESK

  • Help with product service support

  • Assistance with non-standard service requests

  • Monitoring the expiration of the maitenance and offering to extend it if necessary

Dell Premium Service Support

Why do we say premium?

Service interventions are what ultimately determine the quality of the delivered solution. Since we see a need in the market to make this segment a little bit better to achieve excellence, we have brought together people who have been doing service for decades and enjoy helping customers with their problems beyond standard service. The main improvement over the standard is communication and having your own dedicated specialist to take care of you. Your personal banker in the IT world. He respects you, knows you, is proactive and cares about your satisfaction. Put your HW in the care of a team of helpful people who are happy to solve your problems and you go about your day job or enjoy your time in other ways.

What is the benefit of the service?

  • service support for DELL / HP/APPLE / LENOVO
  • Dedicated specialist, knows you and your business, sees history
  • communication, I always have information about the status of the solution
  • you have a regular overview of your service interventions
  • keeping your HW under warranty: we keep an eye on the upcoming expiration date, send you an offer to extend the service support, thus saving you more costs for any extension of the expired warranty
  • We keep a record of DELL HW and also check that all serial numbers are reported to the correct entities for trouble-free service intervention

Introduction of dspot, s.r.o.

Our main goal is to support the business development of our customers based on our expertise and experience. This allows the customer to focus on their business and we take care of their IT background. We always create a partnership with our customers based on mutual trust and mutual benefit. We cooperate with major hardware and software manufacturers, provide professional services and are thus able to deliver the required IT technology as a complete tailor-made solution. Our knowledge and quality services help our customers to reduce costs, increase revenue and flexibility to adapt to changing business needs, strengthen security and continuity of internal processes and enhance IT operational performance.

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dspot Team

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Pavel Severa

Managing Director
30 years in IT
+420 601 532 401

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Petr Severa

Sales Manager
25 years in IT
+420 720 761 880

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Jindřich Flusser

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Jana Hokeová

Financial Director
15 years in IT
+420 728 035 495